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 Tailored for your unique needs, our loans offer competitive rates and flexible terms. Whether it’s a home, a special event, or unexpected expenses, we’ve got you covered

Salary Advance Loans

We offer loans to employed people for non business related purposes. People who qualify for these loans must have a regular income and this goes along with the type of contract an employee has.
We give you 10 times your salary but when it exceeds one million we request you for a fixed asset collateral
These loans are paid back in two years
A qualified client receives this type of loan from 2- 5 days.

Basic Application Requirements

Salary Overdraft

We offer a half of one month salary to pay back in one month for the salaries below 100,000.
For Salaries above 100,000, you pay back in 3 Months.

Basic Application Requirements

Equipment Loan

Besides another big loan a client might have, we give an additional equipment loan
We offer small loans of all kinds of home and office equipments, as well as Solar lights to our clients

Basic Application Requirements

Vehicle Loans

Basic Application Requirements

Education Loan

We offer education loans to those students whose parents can’t afford the whole amount of fees at once.
We offer loans and the parent or guardian pay back in installments
We offer the loans to clients who have big loans

Basic Application Requirements

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